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Homestyle Financial Services is a Daily Money Management company dedicated to easing the stress and worry of dealing with your daily finances.

Older adults as well as busy professionals are likely to engage the services of a Daily Money Manager. DMM services can help older adults maintain independence while providing their adult children with peace of mind, knowing their parents’ needs are being met.

Many individuals and families have busy lives that leave little time for leisure pursuits. Daily Money Management services can give them more time for themselves by taking care of a variety of personal business and paperwork tasks.

Our objective is to protect your financial well-being. We protect all clients alike – whether big or small. With Homestyle Financial Services, you can be confident your daily household financial issues are being managed with the utmost care and confidentiality.

About Us

Jackie Melamed, Owner and Founder of Homestyle Financial Services, has an extensive background with over twenty five years in the financial and accounting industry.

Previous Job titles include: Loan Officer, Accountant and Head Accountant. She also graduated with honors earning a Degree in Accounting and Business Management from Baker College.

Five years as Executive Board Member and Treasurer for local school PTO
Three years as Cub Scout Leader
Two Years as Secretary on the Board of Christian Education for local church
Board Member on the Youth Group Committee
School volunteer

As a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, Homestyle Financial Services adheres to strict guidelines and Code of Ethics.

For more information go to: or contact the association directly at 877-326-5991.

Did you know...

Money Management Services are not just for the elderly and disabled. Busy individuals find that a DMM can free up their time. Providing them with a piece of mind knowing that while they are hard at play someone is hard at work.
Working for You.

Quality Services

Daily Money Managers provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty with or lack the time needed, for personal monetary affairs.

Our Services Include:

  • Balancing Checkbooks
  • Opening and Sorting Mail
  • Bill Paying (Including preparation of checks for signing and mailing)
  • Providing general organizational assistance.
  • Reconciling checking accounts and investment statements.
  • Negotiating with creditors (Including calls to payees regarding incorrect bills)


"...I never realized how much time and energy was spent on paying bills and managing my money..."


"...Homestyle Financial Services has been a life saver!"

Michael M.

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